The State of Israel: Prime Ministers: With Special Guest Commentary by Gadi the Camel

By Maxwell Rotbart
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Seen through the eyes of teenage cousins, Shoshana from the United States and Rafi from Israel, “The State of Israel: Prime Ministers” is a joyful introduction to each and every one of Israel’s heads of government, dating back to the country’s founding in 1948. Written for middle school students, each chapter provides a biographical overview of the prime ministers and discusses the enduring impact they had on the country. Gadi the Camel, a humorous and insightful narrator, graces the book with his unique commentary on Israeli history, culture, and accomplishments. “The State of Israel: Prime Ministers” is the first book of its kind, targeted to students living outside of Israel. It is a perfect resource for teachers and parents wishing to instill in children an appreciation for the Jewish state and its legendary leaders.
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