The State of Israel: Prime Ministers (2022 Edition)

With Special Guest Commentary by Gadi the Camel
The State of Israel
By Maxwell Rotbart
Published by TJFR Press
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Written for middle school students, The State of Israel: Prime Ministers provides a biographical overview of Israel’s 13 prime ministers -- from Ben Gurion to Bennett -- and discusses the enduring impact they’ve had on the country.

Seen through the eyes of teenage cousins, Shoshana from the United States and Rafi from Israel, they are joined by Gadi the Camel, a humorous and insightful narrator who graces the book with his unique commentary on Israeli history, culture, and accomplishments.

The State of Israel: Prime Ministers is the first book of its kind targeted to students living outside of Israel. It is a perfect resource for teachers and parents wishing to instill in children an appreciation for the Jewish state and its legendary leaders.


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Soft Cover | 74 pages | $18.36 USD | 6 x 9 | 9781542966795 | January 4, 2022