The Boy Who Answered the Call of Kilimanjaro: The Adventures of Riyaz

The Adventures of Riyaz
The Boy Who Answered the Call of Kilimanjaro
By Talya Rotbart
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Daily, 9-year-old Riyaz starred out the window of his school in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, as the giant Mt. Kilimanjaro, ever-present on the horizon, beckoned him to visit. Based on the true story of a Tanzanian boy who sets out on an adventure, walking with two schoolmates more than 600 miles from Dar es Salaam to Mt. Kilimanjaro. What Riyaz and his friends imagined would be an easy one-day journey – there and back on time for dinner – turns into a six-day odyssey requiring Riyaz to use all of his survival instincts to overcome unforeseen challenges and lurking dangers. Along the way, Riyaz acquires valuable lessons about goal-setting, integrity, family, and friends.
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