Dean  Rotbart

Dean Rotbart


Dean Rotbart is an award-winning former reporter and columnist with The Wall Street Journal. He previously published the TJFR Business News Reporter, a trade newsletter focused on influential business and financial news organizations. 

Rotbart serves as editor-in-chief of the Business News Visionary and News Luminary Awards programs.

Since June 2012, he has hosted Monday Morning Radio, a weekly small business podcast.  

He is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and received a master’s degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Rotbart, a native of Denver, Colorado, lives there along with his wife Talya and their two adult children.

Talya  Rotbart

Talya Rotbart

Talya Rotbart writes books for kids and the child in all of us. Her inspiration comes from her own children, now adults, and the world around her. The source of her imagination remains a mystery.

When Talya isn’t authoring children’s books, she’s researching and co- writing adult fare with her husband, Dean, an award-winning journalist.

Maxwell  Rotbart

Maxwell Rotbart

Doc History, a.k.a. Maxwell Rotbart, is an educational consultant with the Golda Meir House Museum. He is a licensed social studies teacher in the State of Colorado. An alumnus of Jewish day schools, Doc History is passionate about Jewish education and Zionism. He is a recipient of the Abraham Lincoln Teachers Fellowship from The Tikvah Fund - a New York-based philanthropic foundation dedicated to the support of the Jewish people and the Jewish state.  

Mr. Rotbart is a graduate of Metropolitan State University of Denver. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in history online at the University of Nebraska.

Avital  Rotbart

Avital Rotbart

Avital Rotbart is an award-winning professional photographer who has captured legacy portraits of some of the nation’s best-known business executives, entertainers, sports celebrities, religious figures, and media personalities.

She is the author of The Story Behind the Smiles, a compilation of popular photographs among the more than 1,000 images that she’s published as part of her ongoing We Believe in Smiles™ social network photographic series. Daily, Avital posts a fresh portrait of a smiling individual or individuals on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

Working professionally since 2012, Avital has traveled extensively throughout America on photo assignments, and has also photographed in Europe, Asia, and Canada.